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  · list of inspirational quotes by oh sehun:


"what is with this hyung"

"what is this"

"this hyung is so ugly"

"hyung do you know chocolate rice"

"this hyung is daebak"




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Sungyeol: L cries when he’s drunk.

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[MUSIC VIDEO]  블락비 (Block B) - HER MV

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Artist: Chen
Album: It's Alright It's Love OST
Song: The Best Luck
Plays: 9,704


Chen's OST for It's Alright It's Love


within two months of leaving his management, he becomes an actor, releases a song that slays his management’s entire fucking life and is now working on being a model

biggest “fuck you” ive seen in a while


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I make this ‘^^’ face too much ^^;;

Myungsoo and Hoya - Paradise limited edition
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Onew - Sherlock